Welcome back, friends! You’re just in time for the second edition of the Weekly Woof!


It’s been a whole week since I put the site up. I appreciate the kind words I’ve receive SO much! I went through the Neocities pages and followed everyone who tagged their site with #zonelets. I want to be involved in this community and learn more about my neocities neighbors.

I tried Ramune’ for the first time this week and I’m sad to say I can’t really recommend the original flavor. I didn’t know they weren’t re-close-able but the little marble is very neat. I turned my bottle into a pothos planter. Aesthetic.


I found this video entirely by accident. One day it popped up on my Recommended Page and I thought “why not?” I already really liked Mario and learning about old games. This was fascinating for me and a nice surprise--especially since I had never seen any of the iceberg images that the author references. I 100% agree about Wet Dry World. Damn.


Rinley Coyote is a long-time pal of mine and more than deserves a featured spot in the Woof. He creates digital and traditional art, works as a scar-actor in local haunts as well as showing up on platforms like Tik-Tok to delight audiences with his many faces, and is a pro at fabricating props. Oh, Rinley, is there anything you can’t do?

You can find/commission/watch/ Rinley here: Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok


I thought I’d bring you a festive story this week. This story is from tumblr user mydogisabutt. I think about it often. It’s short and sweet, but the story begins with…

“i worked at build-a-bear in downtown disney and one time a guest came with a grinch...” To find out what happens, visit the original post HERE.

That’s a wrap!

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